As an animator, my passion is bringing characters to life, telling their stories, and making an impact. I am currently working with Visual Concepts to bring the WWE franchise to life through intense cuddling. Err - Wrestling.

   My role on the team has included cleaning up & implementing motion-captured combat animations that we "punch" up to showcase the same intensity seen on the WWE product. My time has also been focused on learning the intricacies of proprietary tech, teaching that tech to rest of our gameplay team, and bridging the communication gap between departments to improve asset creation workflows.

   Previous experience includes working as the Assistant Director for motion-capture shoots for 2K Games, operating as the Lead Realtime Technician for high-profile clients [within 2K], which includes designing and implementing a suite of tools to streamline day-of operations for a smooth pre-visualization pipeline.

   I'm a quick study for proprietary tech & new workflows so I'd love to chat with you about how I can use my blend of technical and professional experience to help with your next project. Please feel free to drop me a line!

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